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Fund-raising and Internet Tools

Part of CGI's mission is to empower others. Two critically important areas are fundraising and web 2.0 tools. If you click on this link you will see a table we created that provides an up-to-date listing of many such sites, BUT it also explains what they do, informs you how much they charge for transaction fees, gives you my opinion as to what my experience has been with them, and other helpful notes and pieces of advice that I think you will find to be a helpful timesaver.


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Flight Discounts


If you are volunteering on a CGI project you may qualify for discounted roundtrip airfare. Airlines select routes around the world that are common for humanitarian travelers and discount them based upon season and availability.


Some routes do not have discounted fares. Also, there are no discounted rates on domestic travel. In these cases, Travel for Good searches for the lowest published fare they can find so you can still get a great price on your airfare with the backing of the Fly for Good service team.



Benefits of Humanitarian Tickets Beyond the Fares

Besides being able to offer discounts on our humanitarian contracts, airlines also provide additional benefits. Benefits included, but are not limited to:

  1. Changes to airline tickets with reduced fees often 50-75% lower than regular tickets
  2. Refundable fares with reduces penalties often 50-75% lower than regular tickets.
  3. Free stopovers to cities while traveling internationally.
  4. Add additional piece of luggage beyond the normal 2 piece rule.



Helpful Travel-related Sites:


Travel Carbon Neutral

Luggage Requirements

State Department Warnings

Airline Toll Free Numbers

World Weather

Customs Service

Travel Documents

FAA - Travel Advisory

Currency Converter

International Travel Health


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English<>Spanish Translation Services


Natalia Guevara is a friend of CGI, and was born and raised in Argentina, Natalia has now lived in the U.S. for over twenty years and is currently a translation student at the University of California, San Diego extension, enrolled in the "Specialized Certificate in Translation (Spanish/English)" program. She speaks, reads, and writes both English and Spanish at a native, college educated level. She is also in the process of learning a third language, Italian, and has even spent six months of the past year in Italy studying it. Natalia has also recently obtained a certification on medical interpretation and sight translation from the Southern California School of Interpretation. Her earlier university studies at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas included classes in chemistry, physics, microbiology, cellular biology, organic chemistry and genetics. Her passion for the languages and sciences is never ending and she is busy with her current studies and building her translation business, focusing on biochemical and medical translating. She also enjoys doing volunteer translations for non-profit organizations specializing in health care and children's rights.


She is amazing and we highly recommend her! She can be reached via:,
909-561-3655 (California), or Skype name: natguevara



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