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India: WorldWise


Through a collaborative with partners in rural India who have developed a comprehensive, community-based primary health care approach, we are helping to recruit students for summer experiences that will provide life changing perspective on healthcare. The project is called WorldWise and it is being made available only to graduate students (in any health discipline), med students, and Fellows.


There is a one month course, intended for 10 to 15 medical, MPH and allied health students, is designed to introduce students to an innovative model of community-based health care that has been applied in countries around the globe. The course provides students with an exposure opportunity to a different approach to health care and development that is holistic, integrated and multi-disciplinary. Students must be fluent in English and have a genuine interest in learning about a health system that, unlike the Western biomedical model of predominantly curative/individualistic care, sees that the health of a person is determined not only by the incidence of disease, but importantly by factors such as the status of women, caste discrimination, socioeconomic development, environment and education. The well-being of a person's family and community are likewise among the most crucial elements in this perspective of health and healthcare.


There are also short courses available for 10 to 14 days. They are designed for groups of up to 20 trainees from an organization working in community-based health care and development activities. We work with faith-based, secular, non-governmental, and government organizations to create courses aimed at the practical application of the principles of community-based primary health care in a developing country. Trainees can include grassroots workers, field workers, administrators, and medical and allied health professionals, but each group should include one team leader. Trainees will take part in field visits, discussion sessions with village health workers and community members, and classroom sessions aimed at practical application of concepts.


Topics addressed will include the principles of community-based health and development and understanding primary health care and its implementation. The course will also include sessions on leadership and personal development.


Continuing education or graduate credits may be available in some instances. Please contact us for more information