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ATI Mission Works


The Center for Global Initiatives has partnered with ATI MissionWorks—a humanitarian program by ATI Physical Therapy that delivers or supports the distribution of rehabilitation services in traditional underserved areas both domestically and abroad. Initiatives include: education to the public regarding health and fitness; delivering treatment in the form of manual therapy and exercise prescription; and promoting the improvement of health care accessibility for those traditionally unable to afford or obtain it. The initiative includes practitioners from multiple health disciplines and they are supported financially and logistically while they are serving. Participants are also asked to share experiences and thoughts on how to improve care and education for future opportunities. The mantra of ATI Physical Therapy is to provide the highest quality of care in a friendly and encouraging environment. With each journey participants set out to show that the ATI mission can work across the street and around the world. That mission to serve, treat and heal is universal and with your help we will continue to move forward one patient at a time.

Testimonials and Photos From Our Participants



Jessica Holloway, Iquitos, Peru, April 2013


I moved into my first apartment after my freshman year of college, and every day I read my neighbor's bumper sticker: "Live simply so others can simply live." Up until my mission trip they were just words, but I understand their meaning now. This mission trip was more amazing than I could have ever expected.


What I saw changed my view on life forever. I saw families canoeing through flooded streets to get to school, work, and the market. After seeing the city after the winter/rainy season it made perfect sense as to why access to medical care is essential. The water they drink, bathe, cook with, use as a restroom, and use for trash disposal is all the same.


Not only did we get the opportunity to take away their pain with manual techniques, but we were also able to follow up with education. All in all, my experience was life-changing. Going on this mission trip made me want to help and serve the world. I can't wait for to sign up for my next mission trip.


Deanna Kollias, Iquitos, Peru, April 2013


Each day in Iquitos, Peru, we went to a church where we set up our "clinic" that included 3 PT/PTA's from ATI and about 5 nurses. Over the 5 days, we saw about 900 patients total. Most of the patients came in with back pain, most likely due to their lifestyle, since most of the women squat and bend over to wash clothes and dishes, and the men build houses.


At the end of each day, our guides took us into the neighborhoods to see how the people in Iquitos live. They told us that the people in Iquitos use the same water to clean their clothes, wash themselves, go to the bathroom, and drink.


Despite all this, everyone in Iquitos seemed to be happy, especially the kids. I am very lucky and thankful to have had this opportunity and to share all that I have learned. I would have never experienced if it wasn't for this program.


Ashley Watts, Ayacucho, Peru, March 2013


Immediately upon arriving to Ayacucho, after a night of sleepless travel, I was welcomed by the beauty and spiritual presence of the area. Situated 9000 feet above sea level, the mountainous Ayacucho is surrounded by clouds, evoking a celestial feeling. The majority of Ayacucho's population speaks Spanish or a local dialect, Quechua, which allowed me to become more immersed within the culture.


I served as a member of a multidisciplinary team alongside dentists, physicians, nurses and an optometrist. Although I specialize in women's health, I was able to expand my repertoire by treating orthopedics conditions, fitting for prosthetic devices, and sizing wheelchairs and crutches. Over the course of the week, our medical team treated 700 patients, 230 seen by physical therapists. One of my most prideful moments was treating a 98-year-old man and his 102-year-old wife!