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The New Humanitarians, 3 Volumes


The New Humanitarians: Inspiration, Innovations, and Blueprints for Visionaries

[Three Volumes] by Chris E. Stout, PsyD

Foreword by Mehmet Oz, MD


Volume 1, Changing Global Health Inequities

Volume 2, Changing Education and Relief

Volume 3, Changing Sustainable Development and Social Justice


ISBN: 0-275-99768-5 ISBN-13: 978-0-275-99768-7

1000 pages, photos

Praeger Publishers


Welcome to a trip around the world. You will travel to six continents, led by men and women of various ages and backgrounds. Be warned, you may go to some fairly desperate places, but they all have a seed of hope. You will not be traveling as a tourist, but rather as an activist with more than three dozen organizations. Each chapter is a story, a story of need, response, and accomplishment. They are all different, but yet the same as being an inspirational account demonstrating the power of individual triumphant over the challenges of poverty, illness, conflict, or a litany of injustices. My friend, Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute, said of the project that it is a counter to the pervasive "pornography of the trivial" that infects much of what is in print these days. I suspect he is correct. Herein you will learn about individuals who have created organizations that:

  • Break up human trafficking rings and teach citizens how to intervene in other injustices,
  • Go to conflict areas and put themselves at risk to end the conflict,
  • Help ensure just elections,
  • Go to active war zones to administer emergency medical care,
  • Provide training and loans in order to empower people out of poverty,
  • Create a new language to help in developing education and job training programs,
  • Work to stop nuclear war and curb the development of weapons of mass destruction,
  • Create an ingenious for-profit organization that supports the non-profit work,
  • Solve a problem of medical supply shortages in the developing world while also alleviating medical waste problems,
  • Exporting social services training into self sustaining programs,
  • Create project-based trainings in order to increase capacity for global projects,
  • Treat immigrant and refugee survivors of torture in a culturally competent manner that is encompassing and wholistic,
  • Help boys conscripted into being child soldiers adapt to a normal life,
  • Create the first non-profit pharmaceutical company to help in the battle of neglected diseases,
  • Advance education for girls where it is almost unheard of,
  • Integrate urban environmental design with democracy, civic participation, and social justice,
  • Bring the philosophy of "it takes a village to raise a child" to formative elementary school years by, blending cultural heritage and inspiring students with the help of parents, teachers, and young adults,
  • Connect experts from a range of fields to work together on problems such as curing and preventing infectious and epidemic diseases, analyzing the risks of science and technology breakthroughs, and designing enforceable global health and environmental policies, and many more...

While many of us are content in helping various causes by writing checks of support or perhaps even volunteering, the individuals profiled herein preferred to actually start their own organizations to enact their passionate interests. So, therein was the idea that crystallized the concept for this New Humanitarians project. I wanted to find out what makes these New Humanitarians tick and how their brainchildren worked. Now, through this three volume set, readers can too.


In developing the Center for Global Initiatives, I came to realize that while there are many successful, groundbreaking models that already exist worldwide, there really isn't a blueprint or a how-to on the subject. While this is most likely due to the uniqueness of the organizations and their leadership examined herein, as well as their idiosyncratic approach to conducting their work, it is my hope that this book-set will nevertheless provide readers a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse of the organizations and offer incredibly valuable insights, present insider experiences, and give advice that few would ever have access to from one organization, let alone from more than forty of the best-of-the-best.


I have been fortunate to have the rare opportunity to have worked with some of the most innovative humanitarian organizations in the world, and collaborate with their incredibly talented founders/directors. Each chapter is prefaced with a short personal note on how I came to know the founder or work with each particular organization. In fact, it is my experiences with these incredible people that led to my idea for this book project—while there are many wonderful, long standing organizations that do important work serving thousands, I found that many of the organizations I was working with were newer and more edgy. Many have more skin-in-the-game. These founders were on the ground and doing the work themselves, not remotely administrating from a comfortable office miles away.