Online Certificate and Diploma Programs

The Center is pleased to offer 19 Certifications and a Diploma Program that provide all the content and libraries’ collections free of charge as an educational resource to anyone with a need or interest working in resource-limited settings anywhere in the world.


There is also an option of obtaining a Certification or Diploma if you are interested in doing so as well.


Our curricula are based on a compilation of online lectures relating to global health and related areas. CGI is most indebted to and with big thanks for our good friend Jennifer Staple-Clark, founder of Unite for Sight, and profiled in Dr. Stout’s book The New Humanitarians, Vol. 1, for making much of the content used herein available on their site and is open access, meaning that you may freely read, download, distribute, and use the material, as long as all of the work is properly cited. You rock Jen!

Global Initiative Diploma Program
The Center has developed a large and ever growing library collection of documents stored in DropBox that anyone can freely access upon request.


If you wish to apply for a Global Initiative Diploma, these resources may serve as a basis of readings to get you started in a 1:1 tutorial process with Dr. Chris Stout.


The Diploma Program is delivered in a Montessori-style of training and education. That is, we employ an educational approach that helps students develop problem solving, critical thinking and time-management skills while the student defines what it is he/she needs to learn more about in order to do the work they desire to accomplish. This mentored program typically takes between 6 and twelve months and tuition is $500.

Email to request an application.


Certificate Programs
The Certificate Programs are designed to provide students, educators, physicians, public health professionals, psychologists, and other individuals with a comprehensive understanding about the complexities and realities of conducting global work.


Benefits of the Certificate Programs
Scholars who complete the requirements for a certification will receive a Certificate in the area of study and a transcript. Students will learn how to apply knowledge and skills to current or future work in global health and international issues. The Center will provide letters of recommendation upon request for students completing any Certificate Program.

For students interested in individual mentoring and guidance, such is available in the Center’s Diploma Program.


Custom Certification
Upon request and subsequent review by the Center Faculty, a Scholar may request the development of a Certification specifically tailored to their needs that is not currently available as a Certification option. In such instances, the Scholar should contact the Center ( with a Letter of Request that articulates the need and justification for the specialized Certification and a listing of the courses that would be taken to adequately fulfill the Certification (typically 5 – 8 courses). If the request is approved, all other general aspects of the Program apply. There are no additional or special fees involved.


Grading System
Following enrollment, students gain access to the online submission system where they will submit 1-paragraph responses about each module of the online courses taken. Each response is then evaluated by a faculty member of the Center. The Scholar receives an evaluation of Honors, Pass, Low Pass, or Fail on their transcript.


Honors: Responses are of excellent quality, demonstrating critical analysis and a comprehensive understanding about the course material.


Pass: Responses provide summaries that are of good quality, but there is little additional thought or analysis.


Low Pass: Responses provide summaries that are of mediocre quality and demonstrate minimal effort.


Fail: Responses are of poor quality and demonstrate a lack of effort or lack of understanding and no credit is given. If the student wishes to gain credit for a failed course, they must retake it and gain a score better than Fail.


Eligibility, Enrollment, and Cost
Enrollment in any of our Certificate Programs is available to any student, individual or professional who is interested in global health and related concerns. There is no enrollment fee, matriculation fee, transcript fee, or graduation fee. The only cost is $25 for each course taken, due at the time of enrollment. For example, if you enroll in a program with five required courses, the total fee is $125.


You may enroll in one or more of the Certificate Programs listed below by emailing us at and letting us know which Certificate Program(s) you are interested in. After you enroll, we will provide you with access to the Certificate Program online submission system where you will submit 1-paragraph responses about each module of the required online certificate courses you complete. Each response will be read and evaluated by one of our faculty and upon successful completion of all the required courses, you will be granted your Certification. After you enroll, there is no deadline for completion, and you may work on the coursework at your own pace, however we do strongly encourage you to submit your completed coursework at your earliest convenience.

CourseWorks fees are payable online at