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Episode 12 - The Accidental Humanitarian


This week, we have a 'powerhouse accomplisher', whose efforts have made a tremendous difference throughout the global healthcare community, as well as in his own life. Perhaps our guest's most giving gift has been his efforts in humanitarian work, and in founding and leading The Center for Global Initiatives.




Likable Radio


Likeable Radio


Episode 29 - Dr. Chris Stout, Founding Director of the Center for Global Initiatives





A Blueprint for DIY Humanitarianism witih Dr. Chris STout, Center for Global Initiatives

A Blueprint for DIY Humanitarianism witih Dr. Chris STout, Center for Global Initiatives



A Blueprint for DIY Humanitarianism: A Conversation with Dr. Chris Stout of Center for Global Initiatives




In this episode of the Champions for Social Good Podcast, Jamie Serino speaks with Dr. Chris Stout (@drchrisstout), Founding Director of Center for Global Initiatives. Chris shares how his purpose for helping others has evolved throughout his journey through graduate school, international travels and projects with the World Economic Forum, and how that led him to create his own global humanitarian organization. The process of launching a 501(c)3 is also discussed, and Chris offers some advice from his own experience including where to find helpful tools and resources. During the conversation, Chris emphasizes the importance of maintaining a network of strong connections, building cross-sector partnerships, being flexible and having a contextual understanding of the service regions. Throughout his story of founding the Center for Global Initiatives, Chris illuminates how his organization supports self-sustaining programs that advance healthcare in underserved communities by mentoring, collaborating with and educating aspiring humanitarians.





A personal evolution from the challenges of the monuntains to the challenges of surmounting global health inequities


"A personal evolution from the challenges of the monuntains to the challenges of surmounting global health inequities."






PSYCHED! Determination to End Hardships in Life


With modern day determination, psychologist and author Dr. Chris Stout, the Founder of Center for Global Initiatives (Chicago), discusses his worldwide humanitarian endeavors to reduce suffering. His consortium consists of international healthcare professionals, academics, and NGOs who volunteer their talents and efforts in countries such as Tanzania.


Nonprofit Optimist New Episode


Nonprofit Optimist - New Episode


Founding Director, Dr. Chris Stout, shares his insights from ten years of leading the Center for Global Initiatives. After receiving many requests for involvement that spread their all-volunteer board too thin, the board re-evaluated. Recognizing their strengths, the Center for Global Initiatives was able to build out their website to share resources and tools that would be useful for other nonprofits. These tools include their quarterly newsletter, their Facebook group and the excel sheet that Chris explained in detail. The excel sheet in particular is an incredible treasure trove of information that CGI has gathered over the years regarding which websites are best for different fundraising efforts, etc.

Chris also spoke to the importance of creating long-standing relationships with local communities rather than "parachuting" in or assuming that we know best on how to address an issue. Sometimes this requires really listening and understanding what gaps in services actually exist.

Always, it includes recognizing that we're a guest in their home. That sense of deference and respect for the local culture and professionals there was evident in Chris' attitude.



The Practice Institute Resources For Your Success


Getting Better at Private Practice, with Dr. Chris Stout by The Practice Institute


In this interview we meet Dr. Chris Stout - psychologist, author, clinical professor and founder of the non-profit organization, Center for Global Initiatives. Dr. Stout will discuss how his newest book melds his interest in helping other clinicians and his calling to help bring medical care to impoverished populations.






Chicago Public Radion Global Activism Center Radio Show


WorldView Interview:


Each Thursday, we hear about an individual who's decided to work to make the world a better place.


Chris Stout is a psychologist and avid climber. He's Founding Director of the Center for Global Initiatives and he's author of the forthcoming book series The New Humanitarians: Inspiration, Innovations and Blueprints for Visionaries.


According to Chris, "Health is perhaps the 'Most Common Denominator' in a region's potential for success as it is so interconnected with economic sustainability, eradicating poverty, preventing war, mitigating violence, and fostering social prosperity."


The Center for Global Initiatives is devoted to training multidisciplinary healthcare professionals and students to bring services that are integrated, sustainable and accountable.


The group advocates the use of small collaboratives that integrate primary care, behavioral healthcare, systems development, public health, and social justice.


Chris told Jerome where the idea for the Center of Global Initiatives came from...







The Center for Global Initiatives was invited by Chicago Public Radio/WBEZ to participate in their Annual Global Expo. Watch the iterview to learn more.






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